Studiare Day 2


U.S. Embassy

So here’ show I spent my Fourth of July in Rome.

In the morning, I had one more orientation meeting. Then we had a little time to ourselves, so a bunch of us walked several blocks to visit a little grocery store and a fruit stand. Armed with nectarines, cookies, and yogurt, I had headed back to campus for lunch. We have a nice snack bar on campus where I got a salad and Italian soda for 7 Euros. Breakfast is the real deal with a cappuccino and cornetto for 2 Euros.

In the afternoon, I had my first official class, and it was nice to start talking about all the books we had to read in preparation for this class.

In the evening, a classmate and I visited the Spanish Steps, but we couldn’t walk up them because they are under renovation. Last summer, it was the fountain in the square that was under construction. This summer, it’s the actual steps. Then we went to the Trevi Fountain. This is it’s third summer under construction.

Next, we got gelato at Giolitti’s. I had a lovely raspberry and black cherry combo. Then we walked to Santa Susanna, the American national church. We thought it was appropriate for the Fourth of July. And guess what? It was under renovation for the third summer in a row, too!

Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna

The we headed to the U.S.Embassy where we tried to sneak pictures, but got the finger wag and “No foto!” from some guards.


Finally, we had dinner and headed back home.

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  1. pamelameyers says:

    I guess construction season is everywhere and not just here LOL.

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