A.J. Cattapan offers presentations for both students and adults. Choose from the following or contact her to tailor a presentation specifically for your group.

School Visits

Young adult author A.J. Cattapan happily puts her skills as a middle school English teacher to use when she visits schools. Choose from a writing workshop session or her most requested talk “Be Not Afraid! God Has a Plan for Your Life, Too!”


In this fun and inspiring 40-minute presentation for teens and tweens, A.J. Cattapan proves why we can trust that God always has a plan for us as long as we’re open to seeing it.

A.J. Cattapan is also available for school visits outside the greater Chicagoland area via Skype and Google Hangout.

Our 5th- 8th graders were completely engrossed in Amy’s presentation. It was a breath of fresh air to have an actual published author visit and listening to how God has been with her all along and to be reminded that He is with each of us.

-Mrs. C. Kirkland, Queen of Martyrs School

My fifth grade students loved reading the book 7 Riddles to Nowhere, and were thrilled to have A.J. Cattapan visit our school! A.J.’s discussion was inspiring and motivating, and left my students reminded that God has a plan for each of their lives!

-Ms. Lauren Shagena, Old St. Mary School

Amy’s personal story of seeing God’s presence in her life was truly remarkable.  Our students were inspired by hearing how her hard work, perseverance, and faith helped her accomplish her dreams.

-Marnie O’Neill, Jr. High Teacher, Cardinal Bernardin School

Amy Cattapan’s presentation was engaging and inspiring.  Thank you for sharing your journey to become an author with the students of Queen of Martyrs School.  Your message to never give up was a reminder of what we can accomplish if we just believe that God has a plan.

-Mrs. Kathleen Tomaszewski, Queen of Martyrs School

As for the book, I really appreciate the clean language, the exciting plot,  the underlying bullying lessons, and the virtues of goodness all rolled into one great book.  The students could identify with many of the characters and situations as well as the Catholic portions of the book. The plot was exciting and motivated them to continue reading.  As an administrator, I couldn’t ask for more in a book!

-Mary Murphy, Assistant Principal, Noonan Academy

Ms. Cattapan spent the morning with our 6th and 7th grade students. While her presentation included multiple references to her books, perhaps the most important message she shared was that of perseverance. Her experience in getting her first book published was truly a message of believing in yourself, of hope, and of realizing your dream.

-Ms. Jean Swiecicki, St. Damian School

How to Get Your Writing Published Now: A Workshop for Teens

Young adult author A.J. Cattapan shows teens how they can become published authors themselves. In this 90-minute presentation, teens will learn . . .

  • what writing skills they need to polish in order to be published
  • the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing
  • how to write for magazines
  • why it’s important to join writing groups
  • how to build and navigate an online presence for marketing via social media
  • how and where to contact publishers who want to publish their work

How to Tap into Your God-given Creativity

In a 90-minute presentation, A.J. Cattapan shares with your group how God is calling them to be artists and what they can do to tap into their God-given creativity. Whether you’ve got a group of painters, actors, writers, singers, sculptors, or business entrepreneurs, they’ll be reminded how creativity has already played a role in their lives, why God wants them to continue being creative, and what they need to do next to break any artistic blocks that may be in their way.

Presentation made to members of the young adult ministry of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Presentation made to members of the young adult ministry of the Archdiocese of Chicago


This interactive presentation involves photos, videos, and brainstorming activities to jumpstart your creativity.

This interactive presentation involves photos, videos, and brainstorming activities to jump-start your creativity.










Pinterest for Authors: The Social Media Marketing Tool You’ve Been Neglecting

Pinterest for Authors screenshotMany authors have a Pinterest account just for fun, but they haven’t considered how they can use it as a writer. Pinterest can be a great tool for authors and not just for creating idea boards for your next book. It can also bring potential readers to your website. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how to optimize your personal profile, why you should convert to a business account, how to make your website Pinterest-friendly, how to use a free service like Picmonkey to create super shareable pins, how to grow your following, and why you should be joining and using group Pinterest boards.

Using Instagram to Educate and Evangelize

Catholics have been called to participate in the “new evanglization,” but what does this mean? In this presentation, A.J. Cattapan talks with educators and parish staff members about how to use Instagram to reach young people. We’ll discuss how Instagram works; why it’s perfect for reaching young adults, teens, and tweens; how to gain followers; and how to use it to inspire and motivate.

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