Monday Book Review: Healer by Susan Miura

On Wednesday night, we’ll be celebrating the release of my friend Susan Miura’s latest YA book Healer on Facebook. Come join us for the party here (There will be lots of giveaways including a copy of Angelhood). In the meantime, here’s a bit about Susan’s book.

Title: Healer

Author: Susan Miura

Genre: Christian contemporary

Age group: young adult

Summary & Review: Late one night, Shilo Giannelli discovers she has the gift of healing, a gift her great grandmother also has. However, the power to heal comes at a cost. She can only heal when God wills it, and she must keep the gift to herself if she’s to avoid being hounded day and night by people who want her to heal them. So what’s she going to tell her boyfriend Kenji? Can she even maintain a relationship with him while keeping such a big secret?

Meanwhile, a young woman named Misty faces abuse at the hands of her boyfriend and must find a way to protect her two-year-old son. Shilo can heal the boy’s wounds, but that only leaves Misty with a whole new set of questions. Misty and Shilo’s growing friendship brings with it a new set of dangers, including a gang bent on getting revenge. Shilo must find a way to protect the ones she loves, trust in God’s plan, and still keep her spiritual gift a secret.

Author Susan Miura brings up a number of great spiritual questions in this book. How do we learn to trust in God’s plan? What do we do when our prayers aren’t answered, or at least not the way we want?

This is an engaging young adult tale about the power of faith, family, and friends.  Teen readers will delight in the romance and suspense woven into the story.

Don’t forget to join us online for the release party on Wednesday night! You could win books, chocolate, and an Amazon gift card! Click here to RSVP.

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  1. Susan Miura says:

    Grateful for this review! Thank you, Amy!

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