What’s the “Homeschool Mom Test”?

Starting tomorrow, it’s my plan to begin reviewing children’s books on Mondays. As part of my review, I’ll include a part called “Does it pass the ‘Homeschool Mom Test’?”

Whenever I go to writer’s conferences, I tend to meet homeschooling moms. As soon as they find out I’m a middle school English teacher, they ask if I have any book recommendations for their kids. Sure, I have tons of them. The problem is that I can’t always think of the many great kids books I’ve read, so I thought my blog would be a perfect place to refer them.

These moms are looking for books that are “safe” for their kids: little to no violence, appropriate language, romance scenes for the young adult crowd that don’t make the moms blush, and moral lessons that don’t go against their own belief systems. Therefore, each book review will include a section that explains whether or not I think the typical homeschooling mom would find it a good fit for her kids.

If you’re a homeschooling mom or simply looking for a good book for a teen or tween, stick around!

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