What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Every week my friends Ginny Marie and Gretchen host something called The Spin Cycle. Basically, every Monday they post a writing prompt, and then bloggers are welcome to link up their responses by the end of the week.

Since this week’s topic seems so fitting for a teacher, I’m joining in. The topic: What You Did on Your Summer Vacation!

Summer is always divided into two parts for me. The first part is summer school. My district has a really nice four-week summer school program in which most of the classes offered are enrichment, so it’s a nice break from the regular curriculum yet still keeps kids’ minds actively engaged. I teach a guided independent reading class and then screenwriting and iMovie classes. The four weeks always fly by!

The second half of summer is travel time! This year I spent two weeks in Italy. I will not recount the whole trip here since I have fourteen previous blog posts on it! If you missed any of it and want to read about my fabulous trip to Rome, I suggest you start with the post Plan E, Or How I Ended Up in Rome Twice in One Year. Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable because my posts are kind of long.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

And of course, I read some books, although I’m struggling a bit to remember them all. I know I read the following:

  • Show Me a Sign by Susan Miura (must get book review up soon!)
  • A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park (need to do book review on this one, too)
  • Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin, S.J.

I feel like there were more, but I’m blanking at the moment. I’m currently working on reading . . .

  • Impervious by Heather Letto
  • The Complete Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything by James Martin, S.J. (started while in Rome but not finished yet)

If you’d like to join the Spin Cycle and/or read about other people’s summer adventures, click the link below.


Second Blooming

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6 Responses to What I Did on My Summer Vacation

  1. Ginny Marie says:

    I’ve kept up with most of your Rome posts, but I have a couple left to read! I’m impressed that you managed to blog when you were over there! I still need to writing about our big vacation. Posts coming soon!

    Thanks for linking up to the Spin Cycle this week!

    • AJ Cattapan says:

      Blogging over there wasn’t easy. Each post usually took about two hours when you factored in the uploading of photos and a spotty Internet connection, but I’m so glad I did it to capture all those memories.

  2. janicead says:

    Traveling and reading, a sweet way to spend summer!

  3. Your summer rocked in my book. Sun, travel, books and Italian food tops it all!

  4. What a great way to spend some of your summer traveling to Europe. Sounds you like you will go back to the classroom refreshed and satisfied!

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