Spin Cycle: Summer Reading List

This week on the Spin Cycle, Ginny Marie is asking for our summer reading lists. Here are a few things on my Kindle app that I’m hoping to get read this summer.


Capturing Today 1. Capturing Today by Jess Evander–I read the first book in the series (Saving Yesterday) last year, and I’ve been really looking forward to the sequel, which just came out. It’s about a girl who discovers her blood holds a secret; namely, that she can time travel. In fact, she needs to time travel because the very existence of our planet depends on it.




2. Implanted by Heather Letto–This is another sequel to a book I read last year. You can see my review for Impervious here. Think YA dystopian but with a Christian allegorical slant.




3. Storm Siren by Mary Weber–Okay, I’m behind on this series. The sequel just came out, and I haven’t even read the first one yet. But doesn’t that cover look super cool? The sequel cover is just as gorgeous.



Girl Taking Picture of Herself and Her Father


4. Worth the Time by Laura Jackson–This has been on my to-be-read list for a while now. I don’t read a lot of straight contemporary stories. I’m more of a mystery and fantasy sort of girl, but this story looks cute.


Sisters of the Last Straw

5. Sisters of the Last Straw by Karen Kelly Boyce–I just heard about this one recently, but it sounds kind of cute. It’s a middle grade mystery involving nuns that get involved in capers. And how can you not love nuns that get into capers?


What’s on your summer reading list? Click on the link below to see what others are reading this summer. Or link up your own blog post!

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2 Responses to Spin Cycle: Summer Reading List

  1. Astrid says:

    Thanks for sharing your summer reading list. I don’t usually read books that are part of a series because it means I need to red the sequels etc. too. Some of htese books sound interesting though.

  2. Ginny Marie says:

    Wasn’t Worth the Time one of your giveaways at the Facebook party? I thought it looked very cute! The other books on your list look good, too!

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