Spin Cycle: 28 Inspirational Quotes

For this week’s Spin Cycle, Ginny Marie of Lemon Drop Pie is asking us to list 28 of . . . well, whatever we’d like! We’re just celebrating that the 28-day month of February is almost at an end. (One of my former principals used to call it the “armpit of the school year.”)

For my post, I’ve decided to list 28 inspirational quotes. In the comments, tell me which one was your favorite or if you have a favorite that I didn’t list!

Quotes on Success


Believe with all your heart2.

Success Robert Collier3.

How far you've come4.

Life is a succession25.

Einstein Say NO6.

If You Can Imagine


 Funny Quote

This one made me laugh. I guess it’s the Spanish version of “If someone hands you lemons, make lemonade.”


House on Fire8.

Always do right Mark Twain

 Quotes about kindness


Schweitzer do for others10.

Mother Teresa kindness11.

motivational click november einstein collection


Wonder Collage

Quotes about Hope



Dwell in Possibility Dickinson15.

Prayer of Protection16.

Carson Downton Abbey


Roosevelt knot hang on18.

All's right with the world2


Angel Quotes

Thanks to my book Angelhood coming out in two months, my friends are sending me lots of angel quotes. So here’s a whole set of them.




Angel Start Moving


May There Always Be An Angel By Your Side.

Angels Can Find Us

Entertain angels

Psalm 92 Angel Wing

Walk with Angels 2
Walk with Angels27.

Can't see your angels28.

Friends are angels

Stop by the Spin Cycle to see what other kinds of lists other bloggers came up with.



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5 Responses to Spin Cycle: 28 Inspirational Quotes

  1. mayorofcrazyville says:

    I love number 5 the best. Great to remember when life just seems to never work out your way.

    • AJ Cattapan says:

      Yes! And I think it helps us remember that we each have a chance to contribute to society. We can’t always wait for someone else to do it for us. We each have something valuable to share.

  2. janicead says:

    That last on really speaks to the angles in my life.

  3. I think number 3 is my favourite. I never think I am doing something very special until somebody says that I have, like getting rid of a large debt on my own, moving to another country, having a large operation in a strange country. Yes, number 3. Definitely!

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