Monday Book Review: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

If you follow children’s books at all, you’ve probably heard of this one already, but just in case you haven’t, here’s a book for all you fantasy lovers out there.

IMG_3790Title: Fablehaven

Author: Brandon Mull

Genre: fantasy

Age group: middle grade

Synopsis: Thirteen-year-old Kendra and her eleven-year-old brother Seth are sent to stay at their grandparents’ house while their parents are on a cruise. However, when they arrive, Grandma is missing, and with the help of some magical milk, they discover that their grandparents’ home in the woods is much more than it first appears to be. Their grandfather is the guardian of Fablehaven, a magical place where mystical creatures (satyrs, witches, fairies) go to keep from becoming extinct. However, strict rules govern Fablehaven, and if those rules are broken, terrible evil is unleashed.

A good number of my students have read this book and enjoyed it. It’s a little like the Sisters Grimm series, except I’d say the Fablehaven series (yes, this is just the first one) is darker in general. If your kid is easily scared, I wouldn’t recommend they read this one at night before going to bed.

Overall, it’s a fun, imaginative read that will please fantasy lovers of all ages.

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  1. Chuck Rummel says:

    I bought the series for my Dad and he enjoyed it. Now we get to borrow it…

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