Studiare Day 18

Class continues to go well. My two morning sessions are with one teacher who focuses on grammar and the writing and conversation. The afternoon session is with another teacher and that is just a conversation class. I do a lot more listening than talking, but that’s okay. It’s still good practice for me.

In the afternoon, I set off in another mission. This one by one of my Italian classmates back home, who emailed me about a church that is supposed to have healing water kind of like in Lourdes. So off I went!

Santa Maria in Via wasn’t too far from school. Inside, there is a side chapel, and in that chapel there is a passage to an old wellhat supposedly sprung up and overflowed miraculously one night in 1256. You can now drink a little paper cup filled with the water.

Do you see the Dixie cups?

Do you see the Dixie cups?


On the way back from the church, I heard some organ music and discovered another beautiful church. This one was Santa Maria in Aquiro.


In the evening, I did a guide tour of Campo de Fiori with one of the teachers from school. Then another student (who is also an American middle school teacher) and I went out for burgers. Don’t laugh! They were recommended to me by a friend who lives here in Rome. They were Kosher burgers as the restaurant was in the Jewish ghetto.


I rarely eat burgers or drink Coke at home, but it felt right in Rome!

I rarely eat burgers or drink Coke at home, but it felt right in Rome!

Then I headed to Trastevere to pray with the Community di Sant’Egidio. This is the group my Loyola class met with two weeks ago.

Time to go. I still have homework to finish tonight!

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